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    Jumblex Listings are an easy way to find and share content about any topic.

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    Filters allow you to show only listings with certain elements, such as contact information, a website, or images.


    Set a location and distance to show only listings within the specified radius.

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    Add New Listing

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    Listing Title

    Create a Title for your Listing here. Every Listing you create must have a Title.


    Add Tags to your Listing here. Tags are keywords or keyphrases related to your Listing. Every Listing you create must have at least one Tag.


    Jumblex Listings are free-form, giving you the power to add, remove, and reorder the Elements which make up your Listing.

    Listing Type

    To save time, you may choose a pre-defined Listing Type, such as "Article", "Classified", "Directory Listing", or "Recipe", which selects typical Elements related to each of those Listing Types.